Saturday, June 9, 2012

Basics of HTML5

HTML5 is a next generation of HTML.

HTML5 will be new standard for HTML.

Most of browsers are supporting HTML5 and its API

HTML5 having below features
  • New elements 
  • New attributes  
  • Full CSS3 support 
  • Audio and Video support 
  • 2D/3D graphics
  •  Local storage 
  • Local DB storage 
  • Geo-location 
  • Web application 
  • SSE
  • App Cache

HTML5 is cooperation between W3C and WHATWG. WHATWG is working on forms and application and W3C is working on XHTML 2.0. They decided to cooperate and create new version of HTML.

Rules for HTML5:

  • New features should be based HTML, CSS, Javascript and DOM
  • Reduce third party plugins
  • Better Error handling
  • HTML markup replacing scripting
  • HTML5 should be device independent

In HTML 5, there is simple doctype:

<!doctype HTML>

Simple structure:
<!doctype HTML>
<HTML lang=”en”>
<title>Title of the application</title>

Content of the document

Major browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE) support HTML5.

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