Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Project Management | Reporting | Weekly Status Report

Today, i got chance to write something on Weekly Status Report. Weekly Status Report is more important while you are doing project management and you want to do it more effectively. Reporting is essential part of project management. Weekly Status report is media through which Manager can report the status of projects to stakeholders.

I have created the PPT file and tried to cover everything of projects which are required and should be in the status report.

If you like to content and if you like to use it for your project status then please apply master template with logos and footer of your company which make its look better and very professional.

please give me your feedback which helps me to enhance the template.

Download template of Weekly Status Report and use it for your projects and give your valuable comments.

Even you can use Simple Weekly Status Report to provide the status of the project to internal and External stakeholders. It is advisable to use this format while you are sending status report to stakeholders.


  1. It would be great if you make the sample reports public as it is asking for permissions :)

  2. Thanks for highlighting true point to me!!!

    I have given required permission to everyone so now you can access the document.

    Thanks Again.